Monday, October 11, 2010

Bad Indoor Swimming Pool

He has a 5000 gallon above ground pool in his basement. He says it feels nice down there but the water is freezing. There is a tiny rear end pump on it right now that kind of flows water but he wants to heat the whole pool to a reasonable temperature.

Must be a rental!

Obvious problems with this...
  • Lethal electric shock from the light right over the pool
  • Lethal electric shock from non-GFCI receptacles
  • Broken glass from the light right over the pool
  • Mold from the humidity
  • Rot from the humidity
  • Flood damage from constant splashing
  • Severe flood damage from when it inevitably leaks
  • Structural damage from rot stemming from ignored flood damage
  • Loss of value of your home leading to be unable to sell it

If he moved it'd probably look like this!


Also: Odometer Preplanning!



  1. If you absolutely positively have to heat this death trap, find a good heater for that size, PUT IT ON A GFCI, and make sure it doesn't touch the sides of the pool.

  2. It will warm up to room temperature on its own, you don't have to do anything but wait. Nice setup tho..

  3. Get 5 or 6+ drunk people in it at 3am, and you're going to have some massive problems....OH Wait, you already did!

  4. Keep in mind that anything electrical down there will now have to be upgraded to "damp" location rated because of the humidity. If you have wood joists, you can say hello to mold and rot.

    If you want it to be safe electrically, EVERY circuit in the basement will need to be GFCI.

  5. Ya'll are just jealous!!

  6. Looks like a sausage fest.

  7. Ya might be a redneck're idea of an indoor pool is setting up your outdoor inflatable pool indoors in the winter!

  8. You might be a redneck if... you use the word "you're" when what you mean is "your".

  9. How the fuck will they drain this pool?

  10. Brilliant. Comments in response to a bunch of nervous nellie comments:

    To fix the humidity issues, just put a big ole blue tarp on it when not in use. Any extra humidity could be handled by a dehumidifier that most basements should have anyway. Room temp isn't warm enough for a comfy pool. It needs a heater. Even one of those coffee immersion heaters -- NOT touching the side -- would eventually work. Risk of flood -- there's probably a floor drain already. Yes, carpet would get ruined, but not a huge issue. Draining it -- throw in any submersible pump w/ the out hose routed outside. Or make a siphon, if you can easily get the other end of a hose lower than the bottom of the pool.

  11. hahaha...the indoor basement pool was every bit as campy and fun and ridiculous as you would imagine. its a birthday party in KY so the redneck comment was on point.

    nobody injured. surprisingly, zero nakedness ensued. minor infractions include frozen nips, frequentish noggin-to-lamp contact, drunk dunks, and the bold waft of mildew slapping your drink to the floor.

    classic redneck solution for all of these sensory (and other more generalized) inconveniences --> Bourbon. And repeat.

    -the chick in the pool