Saturday, October 3, 2009

William Allen Watson

This guy wanted to be creamated and laid to rest in his computer! 1952 to 2009...only 57 years old was Bill Watson.

What odd place would you like to be buried?? Drop a comment...

He’s of course cremated, they didn’t just strategically fold him up in order to fit him inside. Being buried in a computer case is probably one of the most original and nerdy things to do.

Of course according to the family, it seemed to fit his life after he spent many of his years in a cubicle working on a PC. The family have had the case engraved with his name and the years of his life. To make it an even more complete funeral, the family has left little notes on Post-It notes for their deceased loved one. If they didn’t want the note shared with anyone, they just had to fold it up and drop it in the floppy slot. The Post-It notes on the outside will be sealed and protected with some plastic. The daughters of the deceased like the case and all the notes so much now that they don’t really want to bury it.

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  1. It comes to us all in the end sadly...RIP Mr Bill Watson